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Choose Your Experience

While acknowledging uncertainty, one need not resist the temptation to over-complicate a space by mixing multiple levels of formality or types of furniture to accommodate every conceivable scenario along with a “full bar” of technology. Rather, one can pare away excess and map out a choice of spaces across the floorplate—as well as programmable exterior spaces.

Ideally, workers can explore and choose what kind of worksurface and seat, and how much privacy or interaction, they require for any task at any given time. An individual can also choose among spaces with a different mood–the lively ambiance of a coffee bar, a quiet lamp-lit library, or a shaded terrace.

A variety of large and small, shared and private, spaces across the office landscape allows people to choose the work experience.

Different types of spaces equipped with simple, light furnishings:

  • Respond to a wide range of workstyles
  • Allow people to meet, think, plan, focus, and create over the course of a day
  • Create a choice of surroundings with different levels of noise, activity, and light suited to diverse modes of work
  • Provide supportive technologies and furniture within the space—the relaxed aspect of soft seating or the formal feel of a conference table

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