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Destination: Collaboration

Given the technology at our fingertips today, productive remote work is clearly possible. We go to the office to be together. The office remains relevant, even essential, as a place that works very well for training, mentoring, team-building, and face-to-face collaboration—often key to developing the trust and rapport that ease the process of hammering out problems and setting common goals.

As the nerve center of the office, the Collaboration Hub is a place to gather, engage, and workshop as a team, or to work alone together.

Versatile, Hackable space:

  • Accommodates multiple workstyles and teams
  • Offers the freedom to move furniture and adapt the space to needs
  • Groups tables and seating to define team workspaces
  • Incorporates within close proximity POD (Privacy on Demand) with Tek Booth and Tek Room to address visual/acoustic privacy and individual participation in video/web meetings
  • Permits open-ended time commitment, which allows users to be relaxed and grounded, as well as active and engaged

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