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Add Fashion to Function

Beyond the function and application of furniture, the element of fashion in design creates an expressive and engaging narrative of ideas and identity, emotion, and aspiration. The “future fit” office need not eschew fashion. Balancing the humanizing effects of style with longevity, furniture can remain useful and appropriate over time.

Elements like color and texture make the office a friendlier place, one which welcomes, reassures, stimulates, and calms. But rather than accommodate style with large brush strokes, one can focus on accessories or lightly scaled soft furniture upholstered in the color of the moment.

The choice of materials and finishes sets the stage for any space. Fashion changes frequently and the selection of key accents allows a work environment to quickly and affordably follow suit.

Adding fashion to function, the space:

  • Invites people to feel comfortable and calm, stimulated and inspired
  • Infuses creative use of color, pattern, and texture to set a tone and express the spirit of a culture, and the identity of a brand
  • Applies finishes and fabrics to reflect current trends or a more timeless look and feel
  • Expresses a distinct design concept through accessories and accents
  • Accommodates change with affordable furnishings and accessories that add color and character
  • Incorporates fashion trends that bring a warm residential look and feel to workspaces

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