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Meeting to Meditation

The new office must go beyond basic functions and tools, to serve employees’ physical health and safety, as well as the psychological health that underpins performance and productivity. Lighting and acoustics, color and texture, artwork and greenery, will be nearly as important as touchless elevator buttons and ventilation upgrades that admit fresh air.

The visual language of space communicates and informs, giving cues for behavior, perhaps inviting one to gather with colleagues or, on the other hand, to reflect in solitude.

Warm and welcoming, the Meeting to Meditation space has a calm, quiet atmosphere that allows people to be both relaxed and productive.

Located in the interior or exterior of the building, the space:

  • Reflects the comfort and feel of nature
  • Offers a place for reflection and renewal
  • Allows for quiet, casual conversation as well as working on a laptop by pairing comfortable seating with simple tables and whiteboards
  • Supports the personal goals of an individual or project-based teamwork
  • Provides spaces division with shrubbery, trees, or other greenery
  • Nurtures physical and mental health with fresh air and abundant sunlight

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